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Cataratas Argentinas

Departure from the hotel to visit the Argentine side of the Iguazú Falls, located within the Iguazú National Park, with an area of ??67,000 hectares; One of the first protected areas of America. They have been declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by the Unesco in 1984. The Falls are integrated by 275 jumps of water that precipitate from an average height of 70 meters.
In this section of Sub-Tropical Jungle it is possible to observe during our walk the great variety of ferns, orchids, begonias, birds and butterflies; As well as the diversity of native species that this park hosts.
We go to the “Central Station” where our option is to take a train service that takes us to “Cataratas Station” and / or “Garganta del Diablo Station”.
Another way to access the Circuits of Cataratas (Upper and Lower Paseo) is through the “Sendero Verde” Pedestrian Path, 600 meters long, which starts at the Visitor Service Center and ends at Cataratas Station. From this point we can perform the:

Upper Circuit: A walk of 800 meters of footbridges, which are raised above the surface of the land in order not to hinder or drive away the passage of the fauna that inhabits our Forest. In this circuit, water falls from the top of the Dos Hermanas, Bosetti, Bernabe Mendez, M’Bigua jumps, among others.
Duration of the walk one (1) hour.
Range of difficulty: low, no stairs.
Lower circuit: Walk of 1,600 meters of footbridge, elevated above the surface of the terrain, having a view from the feet of the jumps Dos Hermanas, Alvar Nuñez, San Martin, Bosetti, the Peñón de la Bella Vista (from where we have a view Panoramic view of Devil’s Gorge and the Canyon of the Lower Iguazu River). A unique experience of being and feeling an integral part of the natural environment, living and feeling the magnitude of the cataracts from close up.
Duration of the trip two (2) hours. Difficulty range: moderate, with stairs.
From this Circuit, we have the option of visiting San Martin Island from where departs/arrives Great Aventure tour.
Devil’s Gorge: Departing from Cataratas Station, the train will take us to Garganta Station, in a time of approx. 18 minutes. The walk through the catwalks demands about 1,200 meters to delight us with the spectacular balcony of the most important jump of the Falls, the Devil’s Throat. The time required for this ride is two (2) hours. Range of difficulty: low, no stairs.
Tour duration: 06/07 hours approx.
Regular service Includes: Transfer hotel / Argentine park / hotel with guide assistance in the requested language (Spanish or English).
Walk with assistance of guide by the main circuits of falls: Upper, Lower and Throat of the Devil (with ecological train)
Does not include tickets or lunch.
The lunch time is coordinated by the guide during the excursion
Consult for departures in semi private and private in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian.

Cataratas Brasileñas

Departure from the hotel to visit the Brazilian side of the Iguazú Falls. All passengers must have the necessary documentation to leave Argentina and enter Brazil (check requirements according to each nationality)
When arriving at the Visitor Center, we must enter through the Access Portal individually, where the load capacity of the Park is controlled. We then embark on the buses that start the walk inside the park and will lead us to the beginning of the walkways, which will be 1,200 meters long on the Iguazú River ravine. At this starting point of the tour, we have a panoramic view of the Argentinian jumps. It is the setting for taking pictures.
On the way, we will observe the canyon of the Iguazú River, the Salto Rivadavia and Tres Mosqueteros, among others. Towards the end of the route we will arrive at the lower viewpoint of the Devil’s Gorge, which at this point is about 200 mts. away.
This wonderful setting is further enhanced by the permanent formation of rainbows.
The route finishes next to Salto Floriano, where is installed the elevator that takes us to the level of the parking of the buses. The other alternative is to use the path that takes us to this meeting point and which, through stairs, returns us to the level of the parking lot of the units.
Back to the hotel.
Regular Service Includes: Transfer hotel / Brazilian park / hotel with guide assistance in the requested language (Spanish or English).
Walk with assistance of guide by the catwalks and viewpoints inside the park
Departures every day in the morning and in the afternoon. Approximate duration 4/5 hours (including transfers and formalities in migrations)
Does not include tickets or lunch. As it is a half-day activity, there is no stop for lunch.
Consult for departures in semi private and private in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian.

Parque de Las Aves (Brasil)

The bird park was created in 1994, and built with the concern to offer optimum conditions for the reproduction of animals besides guaranteeing the preservation of the 16 hectares of native forest.
It is an ecological sanctuary located 300 meters from the entrance to the Brazilian National Park, on Avenida Das Cataratas, Km. 11, approximately 300 meters from the main entrance of the national park, and about 15 km from the city of Foz de Iguazú.
It has more than 900 birds of 150 different species, being the majority Brazilian birds. They are housed in giant cages of 630 square meters, which recreate waterfalls and vegetation, so that the birds find their natural habitat.
The visit is made through trails inside these nurseries, allowing you to observe species that could rarely be seen during a tour.
In addition to birds, you can see butterflies, reptiles and mammals.
Open every day, including Sundays and holidays
Normal Hours: 09.00 to 17.00
Length of the trails: 1000 meters – 1 hour and a half of approximate duration.
Inside the park there is a craft shop and souvenirs.
This excursion is taken in combination with Brazilian Falls in Private.
If only the bird park view is offered, the cost of the round trip transfers must be added to the cost of the entrance fee.
It is not possible to offer this excursion with Brazilian Falls in Regular.

Full day Brazilian Falls + Itaipú Dam

Hotel exit. Continuation to the Iguazú National Park, one of the largest vegetation reserves in Brazil.
The walkways of the Brazilian side are dazzling by its panoramic view of San Martín Island and the most imposing jumps on the other side of the border: Salto Bosetti, San Martín and Tres Mosqueteros. Towards the end of the route we will arrive at the viewpoint,
From where you can appreciate an impressive view of the Devil’s Throat, which at this point is only about 150 mts. Away.
This wonderful scenery is further enhanced by the permanent formation of rainbows.
The tour finishes next to Salto Floriano, where there is a small shop and access to the panoramic elevator, which can be taken as an option. At the end of the tour, a long staircase will take us to the place where the bus will be waiting for us to start the trip and start the trip to the next attraction. On the way we will stop at a typical Brazilian churrasquería for lunch (optional) and then we will culminate with the visit to the Itaipú dam: considered the greatest masterpiece of shared engineering between Brazil and Paraguay, located on the Paraná River.

Brief stop at the Interpretation Center where a film is shown in which it is described in a didactic way what will be seen next. You will start a journey of approximately 40 minutes by bus, where you will know the main parts of the dam accompanied by guides: the landfill, the retaining wall and the engine room. We will arrive at the point of maximum height on the retaining wall, from where we will observe the splendid lake that forms this reservoir. At the end of the tour we will return to the hotel.
Lunch on the way OPTIONAL
Back to the hotel

Full day excursion. Regular departures every day including holidays.
Consult for entrance fees to Park and Dam
Inclusion of lunch: optional

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