Classic Excursions

Hiking base of Towers

This tour aims to provide a service that is known for its personalized attention considering it is not massive, with a minimum of 2 passengers and maximum groups of 8 people per vehicle with bilingual guide , service and insurance board seat.

Departure from your hotel at 07:30 PM. Approximately , after traveling about two hours to reach Estancia Cerro Paine , starting point or the trailhead to begin our Hiking , prior instructive talk by our guide, we take the road towards the valley , after 10 minutes of walking, we cross an old suspension bridge that crosses the river Ascencio , and about 150 meters ahead , a fork : to the left leads to the Base Las Torres. Then follows a zig -zag of steep slope and low vegetation about an hour out here. It rises again and passed along to other side after 45 minutes from the end of the Chilean zigzag Camping is reached on the opposite bank of the Rio Ascencio , in the shade of a beech forest with a moderate slope, crossing several aspects falling from the Almirante Nieto. After about an hour and ten minutes from the Chilean site , 700 m. we reach the foot of the moraine that gives access to the lookout and from this point the trail climbs more steeply . First goes along a slope and shaded models small trees located at the edge of the moraine, but above the trail loses itself and we shall continue climbing the rocks , some of which are marked to show the route. After about a half an hour from the Cartel to 700 meters, the east end of the lake is reached, from where you have a wonderful view of the three towers (Central, Monzino , Agostini D ) and Mountains Peineta and then Condors Nest . After resting and having lunch in this extraordinary and unique scenic backdrop on the planet , we begin our return along the same path until you reach the point where our vehicle will be waiting to take us to Puerto Natales at sunset.

You should bring : Sunscreen , gloves, hat , cover pants for water, hiking shoes (not new ) , insect repellents , batons , small backpack, bottle plastic or metal water (water from streams is drinkable ) Goretex parka.


Full Day Torres del Paine

Departure from your hotel at 08:30 AM to visit the Milodón Cave Natural Monument located at 24 kilometers north from Puerto Natales, this Natural Monument consists of three caverns and rocky conglomerate called “Devil’s Chair”. Before arrived at the cave, the access road is through “Devil’s Chair”, a name that comes from the popular imagination as a rock structure with a certain aspect of a certain chair which accounts it was “seat” Milodón and the legend became “devil”.

After the visit we continue along the new access road to Torres del Paine National Park can be seen on the roadway Sofia Lagoon, Prat Mountain range, Porteño Lake, Mesa Hill, Del Toro Lake, Del Toro Mountain range and Ballena Mountain range. Here you can admire the beautiful landscape around us from the Grey Lake over point (Grey Glacier View, Paine Massif and Del Toro Lake).

A couple of miles later you can observe the Cuernos (Horns) Paine reaching the fork takes the road over the bridge to continue Serrano sector destination to Grey Lake. In this sector we can take a pleasant walk along the shore of the Grey Lake and if conditions can help us access to the viewpoint of the Grey Peninsula

Back at the parking area, we return to the route to go to a restaurant located in the sector to take a moment of rest and lunch option. (Lunch not included in the rate).

Upon completion of this refreshing break began the second leg of our trip to Torres del Paine National Park approaching to the Great Fall sector. Later visit the Nordenskjold Lake overview and continue enjoyed various view our undulating route that brings us slowly at Amarga Lagoon sector. Without visiting the Paine Fall endlessly beautiful place where you can see the milky water discharge coming from the glaciers across the Paine River. It flows to the Last Hope Fjord after an extension tour through the heart of the National Park.

After admiring this pleasant show return to Puerto Natales through the Sarmiento Lake overview. Arriving in the late afternoon and bringing an unforgettable experience.


Pinguinera & Magdalena & Marta Islands

Departure from Punta Arenas


Penguins in Patagonia, an unforgettable experience. The ecosystem that make the two islands makes the visit of both mandatory. Marta Island hosts more than 1,000 sea lions, cormorants, Skuas, Terns Southern, Palomin Antarctic. Magdalena Island gives us the opportunity to interact with one of the largest colonies of Magellanic Penguins, exceeding 150,000 birds. While browsing is possible to see Southern and Toninas Dolphins.


Rapidly Riding the Waters of the Strait of Magellan, and then navigate to the block of Isabel Island and arrive at Isla Marta, disembarking (if conditions permit) to visit this colony of Cormorants and sea wolfs. After 30 minutes trip to Isla Magdalena, disembark and visit the largest colony of Magellanic penguins in the Southern Hemisphere continues. On the island you can visit “The Lighthouse” in the environmental interpretation center where history and fauna of the island is displayed.


Full Day Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciars

The catamaran begins browsing the Señoret Channel, heading NW towards Mount Balmaceda while enjoying breakfast on board. Our first point of interest is the National Historic Monument Refrigerator Complex Bories, this refrigerator was founded in 1913 by the Tierra del Fuego Sheep Farming and over 60 years was the most important center of slaughtering the area. Its masonry buildings, industrial architecture post Victorian English style.

Entering the Señoret Channel, we sail across Guanaco Island where there are small and wonderful Comersoni Dolphins.Then access through the ranch Margot Cormorants the wall, displaying large number of these birds fanning their wings spread to the wind. Continuing the trip to Punta de Lobos where we found some copies of said mammal, then got to visit the waterfall and cliffs where you can see condors. At each point of interest the boat will stop for passengers to enjoy the scenery and attractive.

Then access through the Margot Cattle ranch we will observe a cormorants colony on a wall, displaying large number of these birds fanning their wings spread to the wind. Continuing the trip to Lobos Point where we found some of this mammal then got to visit the waterfall and cliffs where you can see condors. At each point of interest the boat will stop for passengers to enjoy the scenery and attractive.

The sailing continues to the Balmaceda Mount (2035 meters above sea level) where we see first the glacier of the same name and then disembark at Toro Port to begin one hour round trip and forth along the shore of Lake Icebergs, always accompanied by our bilingual guide. Through coigües native forest, and ciruelillos ñirres, toward the Serrano Glacier, here enjoy the impressive vegetation and the contrast between the clear skies and sea ice, accompanied by impressive Serrano glacier.

And after witnessing a unique landscape, wild and unspoiled completed our sailing and arrive to Puerto Natales.

Milodon Cave

Huge natural accident of 200 mts. line, 30 high and 80 wide, located 25 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Natales. The Milodon Cave is one of the ancient attractions of the place that no one can miss. Anthropological value, it is believed that this cave was the natural habitat of early patagonian man and the Milodon, an animal extinct herbivore that lived until the end of the ice age and that gives rise to the name of this amazing natural accident. The landscape also is complemented by a wide range of regional flora and fauna.


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